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Student Leadership


Introduction to Course

The leadership class is a year-long elective that is open to students who are motivated to improve their leadership skills by their involvement in classroom activities, student government, student activities, and community service. The curriculum also includes teacher led lessons using appropriate literacy strategies.

Goals of this Course

  • To develop responsibility, self-esteem, creativity, leadership and school pride
  • ​To develop skills in event planning and bringing ideas to life
  • To encourage productive student-teacher relationships
  • To develop positive school/community relationships and peer-to-peer relationships

Expectations of Students in Leadership

  • Students are expected to exemplify qualities of good leader such as: modeling the way, encouraging the heart, inspiring a shared vision, enabling others to act, and challenging the process in a productive way.
  • Students are positive role models to their peers at Carver Middle School
  • Students are willingly available to participate in various activities & are willingly available before, during and after school.