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Character, Commitment, & Community



Being a student at Carver Middle School means that you hold certain values close. All students at Carver have integrity, honesty, empathy,  and respect for their community. A student's middle school years are important as they're still developing their ethics, personal code of conduct, and values. Having strong role models directly available means they're surrounded by strong and positive community members that support and provide guidance


Carver students are committed to coming to school everyday and putting their best foot forward. The staff is equality as committed to guiding the students and making sure they're offering the support needed to succeed. No matter how hard a challenge may seem, when you're a Carver Cougar, you will learn how to solve any problem with the tools you learned here. Can you commit to being the best version of yourself you can? At Carver, we belive you can.


Students, Parents, Siblings, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Neighbors, Teachers, Principals, Janitors or whoever you are, the community needs everyone involved to be successful. Carver extends the invitation to the everyone in the South Central community to be involved and help mold the youth in the community. Carver understands the importance of positive community role models, and we encourage our students to ask for help. It takes a village to raise